Task 1

What is rap ?

Rap is a form of Hip-Hop music, in which the words are spoken rather than sung. The words are spoken rhythmically and delivered over a recurring beat.

Rap was developed by DJs in the late 1970's and is one of the most popular genres today!

But the true history of rap music can be traced back many centuries ago - to West Africa.

It was common for West-African Tribes-people to tell stories of their past to villagers, performed over the simple beat of their drums!

Listen to this beat played on the djembe drum

(a drum native to West africa). These are the drums that the original 'rappers' would have used to create the beat for their stories!


Think about your lifeā€¦

  • What was the first thing you thought of?
  • Why did you think of it?
  • Was anyone else in the thought?
  • How did the thought make you feel?

Let your imagination run free!

If there is somebody there with you, tell them your thought; if not hold onto it!